Paint and Coating Failure Analysis

CHALLENGE: A national steel company that supplies coated product to the building industry received multiple complaints that the 20 year warranted coated product they supplied showed severe dirt staining once put into service on commercial and industrial buildings.

ACTION: 十大彩票平台 as an expert paint consultant in paint failure analysis was called upon to inspect several representative building sites w在这里 samples were taken, tested and paint and coating failure analysis were conducted.

RESULT: 十大彩票平台 was able to demonstrate that the unexposed coating rapidly degraded when exposed to accelerated weathering resulting in increased susceptibility to dirt staining and loss of hardness. As a result of our analysis and testing the paint company accepted responsibility for the failures saving our client several hundred thousand dollars in claims.

Certified Green Claims Increase Value & Brand Recognition in Coatings

Article written by 十大彩票平台 President, Ronald Lewarchik, originally published in UL Prospector.

Whether coatings are sold directly to consumers or business to business, UL’s study: Under the Lens: Claiming Green – The influence of green product claims on purchase intent and brand perception reveals that legitimate third-party, certified green claims contribute to the attractiveness of a product and command a higher price because of enhanced brand perception. The survey results are noteworthy, as 70% of Americans say they’re searching for greener products, and 67% of business decision makers indicate sustainability is an important factor when making decisions for their organizations.

Avoiding Misleading Claims

However, many manufacturers misrepresent their products by claiming they are green for the purposes of enhancing sales. In 2012, the Federal Trade Commission revised its Green Guides, the agency’s core set of guidelines to help marketers avoid making misleading environmental claims. The Guides are now more specific and prescriptive, making it easier for the FTC to prosecute “greenwashers.” Accordingly, if a green claim is considered to be deceptive in the eyes of the FTC, t在这里 is both a financial and a legal risk.

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